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   National Route Sales Inc.                                                                                       

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We create solutions for our clients, we have been solving problems since 1969. We are not saying we can solve every problem but what we are saying is in most cases we are more experienced that our clients to anticipate and plan for things people that are starting in business may over look. We do not claim to know everything but we can claim to know more then the vast majority of the people looking to purchase a business.

As the CEO of National Route Sales Inc. Leslie Mattera works with John to facilitate the purchase and sales processes by managing the financial end through the NRS and their Escrow process. A process that can boast that since 2007 when at The Route Store through creating National Route Store, neither company has ever declined a refund and has never brought a litigation against a buyer or seller. Neither ever argued to retain a deposit or negotiated settlement for a deposit for any reason.

                                               Ask questions in your FREE consultation and decide if we are the answer to your needs.   

  • Buyer educational services
  • Business appraisals
  • Business analysis
  • Management services
  • Buyer purchase solutions
  • Fee B2B services
  • ​General business guidance​ 
  • ​Downsizing solutions
  • Buyer Guidance 
  • ​Marketing Services
  • ​Fee based process analysis 
  • ​Investigative services
  • ​Expansion opportunities
  • A 48 hour response minimum
  • Recovery plans for all sizes
  • Expansion solutions
  • Easy to understand answers
  • ​Always fee Consultations
  • Management evaluations
  • Product launch consultations 
  • ​Buyer / Seller sales Solutions
  • Fee based services upon request
  • Business planning made easy
  • CO-Brokering services
  • Free education options
  • ​Partnering