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   National Route Sales Inc.                                                                                       

‚ÄčAbout Us

If you are serious about buying or selling a business or have business related questions call John he can help

you find your way. With their history as the leading route expert  he can show you the path that you need to

be on. John our leading expert went from being a homeless disabled Vietnam Veteran in 1973, to a financially 

security success in 1991. John has owned dozens of businesses in several states and takes his work seriously.

John "EARNED" over 20 Licenses, Certifications and Leslie with a financial background their a great team

understanding the components in many sectors, several at once in their 50+ years of business activity.

John became a route expert by first making"Many" mistakes "Remembering" them and "Correcting" them to avoid losses. While making many mistakes over 50 years very few were repeated, once you survive a mistake you become more confident, confidence makes you stronger, more focused and respected if you avoid repeating them. John and Leslie have owned food establishments, gas station, Vending routes, manufacturing, importing and exporting with other businesses.

Just to name a few Nationally known name brands - Snapple - Froze Fruits - Edy's Ice Cream - Haggandazs - Amazon Line Haul - Diets & Watson Provisions - Florida's Natural Orange Juices - UTZ Snacks - Mission Tortilla - Cable-vision - US Fish and Wild Life - Department of Environmental Conservation - US Homes - All Natural Fruit Company and others. John has been an Expert Witness for Pepsi - Arizona Ice Tea - Consumer Affairs and other entities over decades of national business operations with 5 master warehouses supplying dozens of independent route operators in several states.     

A huge part of a persons success is learning from failures, accepting them is the number one component to success. Correcting mistakes, Remembering the events, pathways and deceptions that led you to the outcome by clouding your view making "Focus" the main component in avoiding you repeating them over and over. Most of the time, failing comes from a persons lack of planning.

                  Without a plan to succeed you plan to fail but you wont know it until you do. Its hard even with plans but it's almost impossible without one.