TRS has assisted in countless business sales for

decades by actually doing the work not by just

talking about it, Their assisted with many companies directly or indirectly since 1969.

​​Some of the companies that they represented, owned, partnered or affiliated to manage or to create a plan for an entity to help the client reach a goal or fins a solution.  

Review the About Us page to see a partial list of  business engagements since 1969, the depth and range of understanding is unmatched by any other route or distribution expert. Our history is your future, if applied property it is an asset.

While John has retired in 2021, he is still there to deliver information to his son when requested.

Matthews has a 12 year history as a route owner of several National brands he also worked as a broker at The Route Store his fathers company.

John Mattera founded many companies one was The Route Store in 2007, Leslie founded  (NRS) - National Route Sales in 2021, Matthew founded MCI in 2016 together they they had over 25 companies along with over 25 Certifications, Awards, Licenses, Permits, Medals, Citations from a wide array of industries from Financial to Patents and more since 1969 combined for themselves and others for over 50 years. 

At Mattera Consulting Inc. dba National Consultants we offer decades of experience to help you through the "entire" purchase and sales processes.

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   Mattera Consulting Inc. 

Expert  Route Consulting From 1969 

Over 50 years of Experience:                                                    "Free Consultations"                                       Call us at 1 800 956 7260        

At  National Route Consultants is a dba of Mattera Consulting Inc. we help our clients to understand how to buy or sell a business or route, in very simple to understand terms

​We can share an almost unlimited amount of priceless information with you. No other can match his history from a helper to a master supplier, using the truth as his main tool.

When calling you can count on getting it right. In 2008 Matthew MCI's founder started like his dad with beverage Florida's Natural, Dietz & Watson Provisions, Frozen fruits, Frozen Valley Wine Sorbets all as an owner, building and servicing.

Before ownership Matthew manage 3 Snapple routes, worked on 3 other Snapple routes before creating MCI, he also owned a 4 truck Amazon Line Haul Fleet and two 3 truck independent trucking fleets the 3 truck fleets were national.