​​​Having assisted in countless business sales for

over 50 years, and by actually doing the work not by talking they are associated with many companies directly or indirectly since 1969.

They will answer important questions using the truth as their main tool. We can offer you many solutions that were proven many by him. 

Some of the companies that they represented, owned, partnered or affiliated to manage or to create a plan for an entity to help the client reach a goal or fins a solution.  

They will provide a first hand understanding of all areas associated with your desired acquisition and or review a plan for his opinion.

Review the About Us page to see a partial list of  business engagements since 1969, the depth and range of understanding is unmatched by any other route or distribution expert. Our history is your future, if applied property it is an asset.

   National Route Sales Inc.                                                                                       

    At National Consultants we offer people over 50 years of business experience to help guide them through the "entire" process.

John Mattera was the founder of  The Route Store in 2007 and Leslie founded  (NRS) - National Route Sales in 2021 they opened many other companies and in several states along the way for many decades totaling well over 20 companies overall. In addition are over 25 Licenses, Certifications, Awards, Permits, Medals, citations and more from a wide array of industries from Financial to US Patents and much more. 

Since 1969 they created many companies and owned many properties in several States and at times they controlled 2 or 3 at one time. They sold almost all of their businesses and properties to focus on Business Search USA a search engine started in 2021. BSU is an international operation we started from the ground up like most of the other businesses. See our About us page for a partial list of businesses adventures.

Expert  Route Consulting From 1969 

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Over 50 years of Experience:                                                    "Free Consultations"                                       Call us at 1 800 956 7260        

At  National Route Consultants is a dba of National  Route Sales Inc. we help our clients to understand how to buy or sell a business or route, in very simple to understand terms

Our founders John and Leslie Mattera started on a Pepsi route in 1969. After returning from Vietnam in 1974 John went back into routes. 

​We can share an almost unlimited amount of priceless information with you. No other can match his history from a helper to a master supplier, using the truth as his main tool.

John is the leading "National Expert" on routes distribution, warehousing and can provide you with information in many other sectors.

When calling you can count on getting the truth. John and Leslie are willing to teach, explain, share and direct you using their vast 

understanding, truths and solutions to help you understand options you may have over looked.