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Our Services: 

If you are serious about buying or selling and have business related questions call us we can help you find your way. With our history as leading route experts we can show the path you need to be on. Our leading expert went from being a homeless disabled Vietnam Veteran, to financially secure.

We became experts by first making mistakes "Remembering" them and correcting them. While making many mistakes over 50 years, few were repeated and once you survive them you become stronger and more focused to avoid repeating them. A huge part of a persons success is learning from failures, accepting them, correcting them and REMEMBERING the events to avoid repeating them. Most of the time failing comes from a lack of planning.

                         Without a plan to succeed you plan to fail but you wont know it until you do. Its hard even with plans but it's almost impossible without one. 

  • A 48 hour response minimum
  • Recovery plans for all sizes
  • Expansion solutions
  • Easy to understand answers
  • ​Always fee Consultations
  • Management evaluations
  • Product launch consultations 
  • ​Buyer / Seller sales Solutions
  • Fee based services available
  • Business planning made easy
  • CO-Brokering services
  • Free education options
  • ​Partnering
  • Buyer educational services
  • Business appraisals
  • Business analysis
  • Management services
  • Buyer purchase solutions
  • Fee B2B services
  • ​General business guidance​ 
  • ​Downsizing solutions
  • Buyer Guidance 
  • ​Marketing Services
  • ​Fee based process analysis 
  • ​Investigative services
  • ​Expansion opportunities